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Sedation techniques to support relaxation

Pain free dental surgery in Kent

If you had a bad experience with a dentist as a child please let us reassure you things are very different now. The equipment is more modern, the pain relief is more effective, and these days many dentists have had specialist training to better support nervous patients. If you feel you need a lot of dental work done, because you haven’t visited a dentist in a long while, again please let us reassure you this is unlikely to be the case unless you’re experiencing tooth or gum discomfort. An absence from dental appointments doesn’t guarantee additional dental procedures are necessary.

Overcoming your anxiety to pay us a visit here at our Larkfield practice could potentially prevent you from invasive dental treatment later on. The oral hygiene techniques you’ll experience during regular hygiene check ups should help maintain the health of your teeth.

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The benefits of Nervous Patients

With Southcot Dental

Nervous patients looking for a friendly, welcoming dental practice in Kent, with relaxing sedation techniques and preventative measures won’t be disappointed. Our priority is to make our patients feel comfortable about and during our dental treatments.

  • Full staff training to support nervous patients
  • A relaxing and welcoming atmosphere
  • Pain free treatments
  • Sedation when needed
  • Unhurried approach
  • Initial consultation during which you can ask all your questions

Frequently Asked Questions

All your dental anxiety questions answered

  • I have a needle phobia.

    Needles are only used when absolutely necessary. We use ultra-fine needles and an experienced, gentle touch. It’s possible to get medication from your GP to help you relax before having injection, so it might be an idea to ask your GP which options are available to help you overcome your needle phobia.

  • I need a filling but I’m worried about the drill.

    Lots of people worry about the dentist’s drill. You are not alone. The drill is an essential dental tool which you might find easier to face under sedation. The sedation will help you feel more relaxed. However, please bear in mind, that a local anaesthetic will always be administered before a drill is used, rendering the treatment pain free.

  • Can I get a general anaesthetic?

    Dentists do not offer general anaesthetic. We offer sedation, local anaesthetic, and we will support you if you have been provided with medication from your GP to help you overcome your dental fear. We are experienced in making nervous patients feel relaxed and providing pain-free treatment.

  • What does sedation involve?

    Sedation has a calming and relaxing effect. You will feel comfortable and less afraid, but you will still be able to communicate with the dentist. If you think sedation might suit you, please get in touch with any questions you may have.

  • Will it hurt?

    We want you to be as comfortable as possible during your appointment. We offer a local anaesthetic for treatments that may be painful.

  • If I’m feeling nervous, should I tell you beforehand?

    Yes, please tell us beforehand if you’re feeling nervous. That will help us prepare for your appointment, particularly if you think you’re going to need sedation before your treatment. There may even be some worries we can resolve over the phone, before you even get here.

Your patient journey


Before any treatment, you’ll be invited to have a consultation with us at our Larkfield practice. This is our chance to assess what work needs to be done. It’s also a chance for you to ask any questions you may have.


During your treatment, any sedation and local anaesthetic you require before your treatment will be administered gently and thoroughly to ensure you are relaxed throughout the procedure.


The after-care advice you’ll be given will depend on the treatment you’ve had. If your gums need time to heal afterwards, you’ll be given an estimated recovery timeframe. Our advice will be designed to keep your mouth healthy and free from infection during the recovery period.

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    Helpful & Understanding!

    I haven’t visited a dentist in twenty years and have to confess I was scared. Tim and Nicola though have seen me through three extractions and got me back on track whilst I can’t say I look forward to visiting the dentist it no longer fills me with dread. If you are of a nervous disposition put yourself in the hands of the Southcot team and see how their professional and friendly approach can make a difference. Thank You!


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