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White fillings won’t compromise your smile

A huge percentage of the British population have fillings. They become necessary when tooth decay causes a cavity. Tooth decay occurs when acid is produced as a result of the bacteria in plaque. Once a cavity appears, it needs to be filled as soon as possible in order to restore strength to the tooth, and stop it from weakening further. By using white filling material nobody should know you’ve had a cavity. White fillings are very discreet.

Your dentist will use a drill to remove the decayed part of the tooth. Once it is removed, white filling material will be bonded to the tooth. White fillings can be applied to new cavities, or be used to replace the less discreet metal fillings. They are strong, durable and will be colour matched to your teeth. With white fillings, you should be able to smile with confidence.

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The benefits of White Fillings

With Southcot Dental

Natural-coloured fillings should restore strength to a previously decayed tooth without being too obvious in the mouth. Once the filling is in place, any tooth pain or sensitivity you were experiencing beforehand, should be greatly reduced.

  • Helps restore strength to the tooth
  • Shade matched to the tooth
  • Helps tooth sensitivity
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Can be used on any tooth
  • Highly discreet

Frequently Asked Questions

About White Fillings

  • Does it hurt?

    Having a filling shouldn’t hurt. The idea of the dentist’s drill is scary for some people, but we administer effective pain relief beforehand to help ensure you won’t be in any pain.

  • What are the signs I might need a filling?

    If you’ve recently noticed that your teeth are sensitive to hot or cold drinks in an unpleasant way, or that you’ve been experiencing toothache, there’s a chance you could need a filling. The best thing to do is to come in and see us for a consultation.

  • Can I get my old fillings replaced?

    Over time, fillings can be damaged or worn down and when this happens, they’ll need replacing. It’s best not to delay this procedure, because your damaged fillings might be gathering bacteria. You can also have a metal filling replaced with a more discreet white filling if you wish. During the treatment, the dentist will remove the old filling and replace it with a new one.

  • What does having a filling involve?

    Before the treatment begins we’ll administer a local anaesthetic and check that your mouth is numb. We want you to be comfortable throughout. We’ll then use a drill to remove the part of the tooth that is decayed, fill in the hole that remains, and finally polish the filling, so there are no rough textures.

  • How long does it take to have a filling fitted?

    The time it takes to complete a filling varies with each person. Your dentist will speak to you beforehand about what to expect.

  • How can I prevent having further fillings?

    Reducing your sugar consumption and brushing your teeth after snacking are two habits that will help reduce your chances of having more fillings.

Your patient journey


Before you have your filling, we’ll need to assess where in the mouth the filling is needed, whether other dental work may be required at the same time, and how much of the tooth is decayed. We’ll gather all this information when you visit us for an initial consultation.


You’ll receive local anaesthetic before the treatment begins, then a drill is used to remove decay from the affected tooth. The tooth is then rebuilt using white filling material, before being polished to remove any rough surfaces


We’ll advise you of how to take care of your new filling, as well as your mouth, which may still be numb following the treatment. In addition to that, we’ll advise you on how to avoid the need for further fillings in the future.

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