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Discreet teeth straightening

 Boost your smile confidence

Whether your teeth have always been a little crooked, or they’ve shifted out of alignment due to years of biting and chewing, our effective teeth-straightening treatment can help. Six Month Smiles braces use gentle force to move your visible front teeth into a neater alignment and give you the confidence to show your teeth again, when you smile.

These braces consist of translucent brackets which will be bonded to the tooth surfaces. The tightened wire running through them will exert a subtle pressure causing gentle tooth movement. You’ll wear these discreet, barely there braces for 6 months, after which time your teeth should be in a more attractive position.

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The benefits of Teeth Straightening

With Southcot Dental

The advantages Six Month Smiles has over other braces is the comparatively fast treatment time. You should have much straighter teeth within 6 months. These braces are discreet in appearance, effective at moving your teeth, and designed to custom fit for a superior level of comfort. They are a cost effective and fast solution to teeth which are spaced or crooked.

  • Fast orthodontic solution
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Cost-effective orthodontics
  • Discreetly improves your smile
  • Predictable results
  • Patient friendly

Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions about teeth straightening answered

  • How do you fit Six Month Smiles braces?

    Your teeth will be professionally cleaned in preparation to receive the braces before the translucent brackets are then bonded to the front tooth surfaces. A wire connecting the brackets is then tightened to produce the force needed to move the teeth.

  • Are they comfortable?

    It should take a few days to get used to the feeling of the braces in your mouth, but after that you should forget you’re wearing them. They’ve been designed with comfort in mind and the force applied to the teeth is gentle to stimulate only subtle movements.

  • Can they damage teeth?

    The braces themselves shouldn’t cause any damage, but it’s important to brush your teeth as thoroughly as possible twice daily once the braces are in place. Food can get caught on braces, and it’s important to remove old food in order to protect yourself against potential tooth decay.

  • How will they look?

    Six Month Smiles clear braces are known for being discreet. They’re certainly not prominent when compared to other types of braces.

  • Will I need a retainer?

    You will need a retainer to maintain your new tooth alignment. We’ll talk to you about that when you visit us for your consultation.

  • Am I a suitable candidate for Six Month Smiles braces?

    Most people with alignment problems affecting their front teeth can benefit from Six Month Smiles braces. We’d need to assess your individual set of teeth to say for sure, but we can do that when you have your consultation with us.

Your patient journey


During your consultation, we’ll examine your teeth with a view to finding out if the braces we offer are the best solution to your alignment, or spacing problems. It’s at this point we’ll discuss the fitting and treatment process in detail with you.


Your fitting will take place after an initial consultation. The brackets of the braces will be bonded to the teeth following any preparatory cleaning, or resolving of other dental problems.


As you know, you’ll be wearing the braces for up to 6 months, so our aftercare advice will consist of tips on living with braces. We’ll tell you how to keep them clean, what to do if the braces break, and how often you’ll need to come and see us.

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